There were several objectives in mind, the main one being to help others less fortunate than ourselves and to create a sense of purpose in the Nomads Club. It was decided to charge the Vice-Captains with the responsibility of organizing the Tournaments and this has proved to be a very good grounding for their year as Captain.

In 1967, the idea of an annual Nomads Tournament in aid of national charity was first conceived. A prominent international publishing house agreed to sponsor the first year to the tune of R 1500, but unfortunately had a change of heart at the eleventh hour and withdrew the sponsorship. This was very disappointing as the plans were by then well advanced for the tournament, but a local businessman, a founder Member of Nomads, Andrew Mentis, stepped into the breech and filled the void by underwriting the basic cost of organizing and running the proposed tournament to the tune of R 2 000 per year, guaranteed for a period of four year.

The first tournament was held in 1968 at the Huddle Park Golf Course using two of the three courses. It was an enormous success, even though many teething problems were encountered, it was a financial success with R 12 000 being handed over to the SA Nursing Association Bursary Fund. Although this initial venture did not correspond to the now established norms of tangibility, the money was used to send selected nurses overseas for advanced training.

Andrew then became the chairman of the NNAMEF since its inception until his retirement from the position in 1995.

Andrew is also the donor in every Nomads club of the Trophy for one of each clubs major annual competitions, the Andrew Mentis competition.


2012 Vice Captain, Ken Russell, hands over token cheques to his two selected charities; Bet Sheekom and Jerusalem Ministries

The 2012 Andrew Mentis Committee exceeded their target of R80 000 and managed to raise in excess of R90K in these tough times for their two (2) charities Bet Sheekom and Jerusalem Ministries.

Bet Sheekom is a rehabilitative and safe haven for women and girls who have been removed from life-threatening situations (prostitution, drug-addiction and human trafficking). Jerusalem Ministries runs (amongst other projects) a restoration programme for destitute persons including dealing with and maintaining the recovery from substance abuse. AMEF monies are being employed to improve and uplift their facilities.